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Membership of the IOK Association

There is a clear distinction made between members of the International Order of Kabbalists (the IOK) and members of the IOK Association.

Members of the International Order of Kabbalists learn about all aspects of the Kabbalah, from beginners' courses, to advanced study and research. These studies are carried out interactively with our teachers by attending our live, online classrooms.

Members of the IOK Association, also known as the IOK Team, devote their time on a purely voluntary basis, and carry out the tasks and responsibilities in administering to the requirements of the Order.

We, the IOK Team, are engaged in promoting the good of the Order worldwide. We reply to enquiries from anyone interested in the ideals of the IOK, or who wish to go further and join the IOK. The Team looks after the membership of the IOK, and registers students for online courses and lectures. The required tasks and responsibilities include the maintenance and updating of the IOK websites, the online forum, the classrooms and the bookshop. We organize public lectures, initiate campaigns for fund raising, and interactively teach students in our online classrooms. We also organise and give correspondence courses and, in particular, answer to and give counselling to students actively trying to apply the spiritual teachings of the Kabbalah in their daily lives.

Originally founded in 1969, the International Order of Kabbalists has accumulated a vast library of esoteric books and papers written by the members of the IOK on all aspects of the Kabbalah. A large part of this accumulated knowledge and experience is being made freely available through the Interactive Tree of Life. You can access the Tree of Life from the Outer Court, by clicking on the 'IOK Classroom' button above or, directly from this link:

Interactive Tree of Life

Kabbalah embraces the whole of Life, both manifest and unmanifest. Any seriously motivated student, who embarks into the study of the Kabbalah, will tread the thorny path of self-discovery and enter into the great depths of the Collective Unconscious. This is a path that spans across many lifetimes, on an eternal journey through time and space. This journey also makes us realise that no one can ever become a master of Kabbalah. Anyone who knows everything there is to know about Kabbalah, knows everything there is to know about Life. Such a person will cease to exist, having fulfilled the purposes for his or her existence.

For further information or questions regarding the IOK Association, please contact us at our address below:

Many thanks, from the IOK Team.


Statutes of Association

The aims and ideals of our organisation are defined in our Statutes of Association. If you wish to consult these, then please fill-in and submit the Request Form below and you will receive a copy by return. Please note that fields marked by an asterisk * are mandatory.

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